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    - You are amazing!! The photos captured the day perfectly and I never could have even imagined that each and every photo would turn out so perfectly. You truly have an eye. Thanks Andria for a wonderful day!!! We cherish these memories you captured so much.

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  16. May 12th, 2016 at 8:38 am

    I collect fridge magnets with sayings like that (…it's me or the house), the ones I like at the moment are 'Please excuse the mess, we want you to feel at home' or 'You can touch the dust but please don't write in it'. I have a couple of tin wall things too in the kitchen and am completely inspired by your teatowel cushion covers. Genius idea.Beautiful house and I hope all your dreaming comes true x

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    They’re looking great Katy – and sooooo much further along than my one for Syko!! I know Gina and Locket will be thrilled – I know beacuse they are lovely and I’m the lucky blighter who got to spend a whole day with them both recently :) xxx

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